Adventures - Snow, Desert, Mountain, River

Dreaming of an adventure? Maybe an exploration of remote desert canyons with hope of encountering remnants of ancient civilizations? A multi-day ski traverse across a snowy range or a ski descent off a summit? A technical ascent of an unclimbed alpine tower? How about a lightweight trek to obscure waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, natural arches, lakes, caves, hot springs,  or summits? Or, a traverse of wild country using packrafts to float pristine rivers. Why not a multi-sport “landscape trip” that incorporates some or all of these venues into one? Exploring landscapes and human/natural history in many different environments and modes is my passion. Let me help you imagine, plan, organize, and realize safe and extraordinary adventures world wide.

Thomas Turiano

3948 Hawthorne Lane

Wilson, WY  83014


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